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Salt Chlorinators

Saltwater chlorination is a process of sanitizing water, using chlorine that is produced in the pool water from ordinary salt. Developed in Australia over 25 years ago, the technology is utilized in over 90% of all pools and spas in Australia today. The process occurs via electrolysis, using ordinary salt and a device called a saltwater chlorinator - also referred to as a chlorine generator, salt chlorine generator, or salt chlorinator.

Initially, a low concentration of salt is added to the water. As water passes over the chlorinator's specially coated plates, an electric current breaks down the salt and water into their basic elements to form hypochlorous acid, which is the active sanitizer in all forms of chlorine. The chlorine kills algae and bacteria in the water and oxidizes the waste.

Thereafter, the chlorine regenerates itself back to salt and begins the process over again in a virtually unending cycle. Since salt does not evaporate, an occasional addition of salt is needed only to replace what is lost due to splash out, pump out, draining or backwashing.
Salt Chlorinators
Aqua-Trol Chlorine Generator for Aboveground Pools
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Model: PME-AQ-TROL-RJ $899.99

The Hayward Aqua-Trol Chlorine Generator produces chlorine right in the pool - automatically and continuously. No need to add chlorine. The salt never evaporates or wears out so it is used over and over again.

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Salt & Swim 3C Chlorine Generator for Swimming Pools
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Model: PME-SAS/SAS-CELL $899.99

The Hayward Salt & Swim 3C Chlorine Generator is ideal for family pools that get a lot of use and owners who spend too much time managing their water chemistry. Softer, silkier water can happen in just 20 minutes and it assembles in 4-easy steps. It's so simple!

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Pool Pilot Chlorine Generator for Above Ground or Inground Pools
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Model: PME-DIGITAL $2,199.99

With the Pool Pilot Chlorine Generator, spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it - just set it and forget it! Determine the optimal level of operation, the just hit the boost cycle to compensate for periods of extreme weather conditions or heavy bather load. Imagine... a perfect pool all the time. And never worry about pool maintenance while you're on vacation.

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