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Hello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Lisa and I have been an employee of Aboveground Swimming Pools.com, a Division of Recreational Warehouse for the past 16 years. We are one of the larger dealers of Aboveground Swimming Pools and have exceptional experience and knowledge in the industry. We pride ourselves with our uncompromised presence (We are now celebrating 41 years in business!) and our extensive customer service relations. I have thoroughly enjoyed helping customers both online, as well as in our retail store. Throughout the years, I have had the joy of helping so many families choose and purchase the appropriate aboveground swimming pool for their backyard fun. My desire to develop this blog was to help guide new pool owners who need information or tips on maintaining their aboveground swimming pool. There is so much information available but it can seem overwhelming at times. With a little help you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the family retreat in your own backyard. Any questions? 

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  • The Benefits Of Aboveground Swimming Pool Ownership
    At this time of the year, in celebration of summer, many people are looking for ways to bring summer festivities into their own backyards. A garden, a landscape makeover, or even a deck or patio can add the right touch to the look of the backyard. Your investment in an aboveground swimming pool has no equal for creating an atmosphere of carefree relaxation, pleasure and family fun. Not to mention that it happens in the complete privacy of your own backyard. Your aboveground swimming pool can become a modern outdoor family room to entertain or offer the most complete and healthy form of exercise known to man. You can turn your space into summer fun central and keep your children entertained in your own backyard. Make your dream a reality and transform your backyard into a beautiful private resort. Spend the hot summer days enjoying backyard family fun, for years to come.
  • Aboveground Swimming Pool Information For New Pool Owners
    Becoming a first time owner of an aboveground swimming pool can have its challenges. The whole process of maintaining an aboveground swimming pool seems foreign and you might feel that you'll never quite get it. You don't have to be a chemist to maintain your pool and it shouldn't take hours to keep you're swimming pool sparkling clear. The information included in this topic was specifically designed to address these issues. Having the correct information and guidance will take a lot of the guess work out so you spend less time on maintenance and more time swimming.
  • "FUN" Pool Toys Age 1-3+
    We offer an amazing selection of pool toys and games for children ages 1-3 that will deliver hours of entertainment. The floats and toys are designed with safety in mind and include a recommended age requirement listed on each package. Your childs eyes will light up with excitement as they enjoy play time in your backyard swimming pool.
  • "FUN" Pool Toys Age 4-8+
    We offer an amazing selection of pool toys and games for ages 4-8, that will deliver hours of family entertainment. Whether you are five or fifty five, the wide range of pool toys and games that we provide will reveal the playful child in you. We stock a variety of rafts and inflatables, some large enough to occupy six children at one time. The variation of games, floats and ride on toys, will create the atmosphere of a waterpark in your own backyard. Family gatherings will be a blast!
  • "FUN" Pool Toys Age 9+-Adult
    We offer an amazing selection of pool toys and games for ages 9-Adult that will deliver hours of family entertainment, whether you are five or fifty five. We stock a wide variety of games, rafts and inflatables, large enough to occupy six children at one time. The variation of games, floats and ride on toys, will create an atmosphere of a waterpark in your own backyard. Family gatherings will be a blast!
  • Resin Versus Steel "Which Is Better"
    Whether you choose a steel or resin aboveground swimming pool, each style is designed and built to offer years of pleasure. The pools are available in a variety of sizes to fit your own backyard landscape. Resin is sought-after as it is corrosion proof, with no possibility of rust in the future. Steel pools are favored for their strength and are vinyl coated which creates a corrosion resistant finish. When it comes to choosing an aboveground swimming pool there is no right or wrong choice, ultimately your decision will be based on your own personal needs and backyard design.
  • "Steel" 48" Aboveground Swimming Pool Packages
    We offer two 48" steel aboveground swimming pool packages. These packages are offered for the new pool owners with younger children, or short term ownership in mind. In this section I will offer a brief description, warranty and features of each of these swimming pool packages.
  • "Steel" 52" Aboveground Swimming Pool Packages
    We offer four 52" steel aboveground swimming pool packages. We provide an assortment of packages that are suitable for short term or long term ownership, and are available in a variety of sizes. By using the drop down arrow you can pick and choose the items you want and have the capability of designing your own aboveground swimming pool package. In this section I will present a brief description, warranty and features of each of the pools we have available.
  • "Resin" 52" Aboveground Swimming Pool Packages
    We offer two Resin aboveground swimming pool packages. Resin is a material that has become popular in the manufacturing of some aboveground swimming pools. The components that are susceptible to rust are manufactured in resin to prevent corrosion later on. The main difference in the selection of resin pools that we offer is the frame size. In this section I will offer a brief description, warranty and features of each of the pools.
  • Aboveground Swimming Pool Accessories "The Must Haves"
    When it comes to aboveground swimming pool ownership, the number one priority is spending more time relaxing and enjoying the pool "experience" and less time cleaning and maintaining. This section will include some popular add-ons that do just that by maintaining the pool for you. Each step taken to minimize maintenance will bring you one step closer to basking in the sun with a good book in one hand and sipping a pina colada from the other. We are doing our part by offering these helpful gadgets to insure you take time out with family and friends during the hot summer months.
  • Confer Aboveground Swimming Pool Entry Options
    Confer Plastics is one of the best known manufacturers of aboveground swimming pool ladders and steps. They have been in the business of manufacturing since the early 1970's and have set a very high standard for quality and safety in the industry. They offer a complete line of pool entry options with great quality, service, a piece of mind, and are made in the USA.
    Here are some thoughts to ponder when choosing a ladder for your aboveground swimming pool.

    1. Consider the long term application; will I build a deck in the near future or a potential plan for a deck at a later time?

    2. Do I need to consider special accommodations for the individuals using my aboveground swimming pool? Are they elderly, disabled or small children? Will I need entry steps or a self closing locking gate?

    3. Aboveground swimming pool ladders are rated for weight capacity, will I need a heavy duty ladder?

    4. Evaluate the space the pool ladder will consume, especially if purchasing a smaller sized aboveground swimming pool.

  • Hayward Aboveground Swimming Pool Filters
    The Hayward aboveground swimming pool filters have been sold for over 25 years and offer the latest in pool filter technology. They feature superior design, are durable and will provide years of trouble free maintenance and sparkling clear water. The filters' simplistic operation set new standards for reliability performance and value. Hayward aboveground swimming pool filters provide all-weather performance with the least possible care. This is a brief description to help choose a filter that is right for you.

    • Sand filters are favored because of their straight forward use and low maintenance. Fill the tank with the silica sand at the start of the season, and replace it every 2 years. If you are looking for an easy to use, low maintenance filter, then a Hayward sand filter is definitely right for you.
    • Cartridge filters are effective and easy to clean. These filters use a large cartridge and don't require sand. To clean the cartridge, remove it from the filter and hose it down.
    • DE filters (Diatomaceous Earth) have a number of fingers which hang inside the filter trapping DE and filtering your water. There is a bump handle used to clean the filter of the used DE and allows space for the replenished DE which is done periodically.

  • Aboveground Swimming Pool Chemical Guide
    The following guidelines, if used as directed on a regular basis are designed to help you maintain proper chemical balance and prevent troublesome issues. How the pool water is maintained governs its cleanliness, clarity, color and safety. Proper chemical balance is vital in protecting the health of the swimmers, their comfort while swimming, and pool beauty.
  • Aboveground Swimming Pool Troubleshooting Tips
    Are you experiencing difficulty with your aboveground swimming pool? There are a few basic procedures and tips that will save time, and are easy enough for anyone to follow. This guide will offer practical steps and may have a solution that will help.
  • News
    Interesting news on Swimming Pool topics. The use, application and information on above ground swimming pools everyone should know.
  • Info News

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